Aries horoscope for April 2023 by Maria Kuzmenko

April 2023 horoscope for Aries from astrologer Maria Kuzmenko. April 2023 will give you an important sense of your own relevance. Moreover, you will feel that you are needed where you are now — at this very moment. You will also feel that you are needed where you are called. This can be related to the sphere of personal life or to issues related to work or any trip.

Aries horoscope for April 2023 by Maria Kuzmenko

In general, April 2023 will give you, Aries, a window of opportunity. This is really a very important and favorable period for you! During this period, on the one hand, you will be free to make decisions, and on the other hand, doors will really open for you.

And this feeling of being in demand will be associated not only with your personality and the area of space that surrounds you. The qualities that are inherent in your sign, namely courage, determination, the ability to make decisions, the ability to lead and be a leader, to take responsibility — these are the qualities that will be generally needed by the space around you in April 2023.

The most important astrological aspect of this month will be formed by the transiting Sun. And the Sun is the Self, the Leader, the authoritative and significant person. It is also a person in power. Therefore, this month, Aries will be especially in demand in many areas of life, especially in the public sphere.

In April 2023, the first of a series of upcoming eclipses occurs in your sign, Aries. This shows us that the time has come for transformation. For important changes in your life. You can feel it already at the moment of this first eclipse.

You will feel that it is time for change! And even in those areas in which you did not expect any changes. But when these changes begin, you will realize that there is nothing unexpected for you, that in fact, you have already made decisions inside. And it’s time for these solutions to come to the surface.

Let’s take a look at the most important astrological events of April 2023 and their impact on Aries.

On April 3, transiting Mercury moves into the second house of the horoscope, Aries.

Mercury means calculations, thoughts, documents. And the second house is the sector of resources and finance. Accordingly, many of your thoughts will be devoted to financial issues.

You can plan your budget. You can deal with issues related to calculations. In order to pay off some debt or draw up documents that are somehow related to material values.

However, there is no need to rush things! Mercury will turn retrograde at the end of the month. Therefore, it is likely that those financial plans and projects that you can calculate and think through during the first half of April will need to be adjusted.

On April 6, there is a full moon in the seventeenth degree of Libra, your seventh house of the horoscope.

The full moon is the culmination and completion. And the seventh house is the sector of partnerships. It is also the sector of our marriage partner, our close friends and business partners. Therefore, during this period something will be completed, it will be a period of culmination. For some Aries, this period will be marked by an important conversation with their partner. For others, it will be an important joint decision. It can also mean the end of some stage of cooperation with other people.

Also, the seventh house is the house of the second child! So there may be important news related to your child during this period.

On April 11, a very important event is happening for you, Aries! This is the conjunction of the transiting Sun and the planet Jupiter. The Sun is our Self. And Jupiter is the planet of opportunity. It is the planet of expansion and expansion.

Therefore, during this period, the horoscope for Aries promises good news and opportunities. These are opportunities related to expansion! For some, it will be an opportunity for training and retraining. For some, this is a period of marriage or meeting a future partner in their personal life. In general, this energy of expansion can mean pregnancy and the birth of a child. And for some, new opportunities related to work and career.

The energy of this conjunction is very favorable for your sign, Aries. It shows that new paths and opportunities will indeed open up for you.

This conjunction will be especially favorable for Aries born between April 9 and 13 of any year. The energy of the Sun and Jupiter conjunction will have a positive effect on you throughout the year — right up until your next birthday! This is the energy of luck and opportunity. And the peculiarity of this energy is that there can be several opportunities at once, and each of them will have its own advantages. Therefore, the choice here can be quite difficult.

On the same day, April 11, the planet Venus moves into the space of the third house of the horoscope, Aries. And Venus brings joy to everything, both emotional and financial.

Venus’ transit through the Third House shows that you will have a lot of pleasant, constructive, and effective communication and interaction with others. That is, it can be a period of friendly meetings and parties. This is the period when the right people will appear in your life to help you with your issues.

Also, the third house is the house of Mercury, the house of purchases and transactions. Therefore, the transit of Venus through this area shows that you can receive gifts that you expect and that will make you happy.

You yourself can make purchases or transactions at this time that can earn you good money.

And on this day, Venus will also be in the most favorable aspect possible to the planet Pluto, which is located in your eleventh house.

The 11th house is the house of our picture of the future. And this favorable aspect shows that right now you can form in your thoughts the desired picture of the future that you will definitely come to sooner or later.

It is also a very favorable time to start studying. And this training will be really useful for you and will help your development.

From April 12 to April 14, the transiting Sun will be in the so-called «critical» or «destructive» degree. This means that a person can harm themselves. So be careful what you do during this time. In order not to harm yourself with your harsh, impulsive actions or statements.

On April 14, Venus will be in a tense aspect to the planet Saturn. This is a period when you may regret having promised something or given someone your word. This is a period when you will have to fulfill your promises.

Also, some of you Aries people may think about ridding your life of bad habits and addictions, no matter how they manifest themselves.

On April 15, the Moon (the Ray of Light and the projection of the guardian angel in the Aries horoscope) moves into your sign for 7 months.

This is a very favorable transit for you. It opens up new opportunities for you and generally gives you the feeling that you bring light and prosperity to this world and to the lives of the people around you.

On April 20, there is a solar eclipse in the thirtieth degree of Aries.

This first eclipse in your sign is the first of a series of eclipses that are coming. The first eclipse in a new sector is always very important. It is as if it reveals something that was hidden, that was dormant. This is just the beginning of the changes that are in store for you over the next few years.

The period from April 20 to May 5 is a very important time, the so-called corridor between eclipses. Since there will be a lunar eclipse on May 5 that will close this corridor, this is an important crucial time. And everything that happens in our lives during this period, all the decisions we make, all the actions we take, affect our future.

On April 21, transiting Mercury begins its retrograde motion, which will last until mid-May. This is a period when you should not make any financial commitments or promises related to finances.

In general, you should be careful with the material world during this period. You shouldn’t borrow money and you shouldn’t give any amounts of money, as there is a high probability that this money will not come back to you.

This is a period when you will be reviewing your financial strategy. And you will make some decisions that you will be able to put into practice in the future.

The end of April 2023 will give us a sense of an inevitable denouement that is approaching. It is the result of the tension that has accumulated in our world.

As the most important and tense astrological event awaits us in May, it will bring high-profile historical and large-scale events. We are talking about transiting Jupiter, which is approaching the planet Pluto. During the same period, the planet Mars is moving to the degree of exact opposition, opposition to Pluto. Mars and Pluto are the «warriors» of the Solar System. Mars is war, and Pluto is the troops.

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