Lip readers spot brutal remark King Charles said to Camilla while in gold carriage

King Charles uttered the words “I’m worried” during a telling moment at his Coronation, according to a lip reader. A clip of the monarch and Queen Camilla in their coach waiting to enter Westminster Abbey was shared online.

In the video, King Charles and Camilla wait for several minutes before they enter the venue for the historic event.

Now, two lip readers have said that the King was venting frustrations about a delay.

One lip reader told the Daily Mail they thought Charles said: “I’m worried about time, I mean it’s been longer this time and, well, erm, I mean look! I know.”

Another lip reader claimed to the outlet: “We can never be on time.

“Yes, I’m…this is a negative. There’s always something.”

The delay is believed to have been caused by Prince William and Kate, the Princess of Wales, being late to the ceremony, which meant they joined the procession behind Charles rather than entering the Abbey before him.

Despite concerns, Charles and Camilla were crowned in good time on Saturday at the first Coronation in 70 years.

After the ceremony, the King’s first official portrait as monarch was released, and now Hugo Burnand has praised Charles for being “authentic”.

The royal photographer said: “It’s good to have the real man there. There is an honesty there.

“It is an authentic picture of our King. We could have enhanced it in so many different ways. But that is our King.”

However, not everyone was pleased with the Coronation, with veteran disc jockey Howard Stern lashing out at the new King.

“England’s gotta get a grip on themselves,” he said on Monday’s edition of ‘The Howard Stern Show’ the day after Charles’s Coronation weekend.

Stern then said: “I understand, maybe it brings in tourism, but Jesus H. Christ.

“First of all, Prince Charles is a p. That’s No. 1 — and people are acting like — the whole ceremony they’re acting like that f** guy went to war or something, and then beat up all the other people.”


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