A man lost 360 pounds after making a New Year’s resolution: before and after photos

The weight loss story of a man who goes by the name «BigZ» on Reddit began in January 2019. On New Year’s Eve, he promised himself that he would lose weight, no matter how hard it was. Since then, BigZ has lost 360 pounds (163 kilograms) through intermittent fasting. His initial weight was 371 kilograms! The man shared his weight loss story on Reddit.

A man lost 360 pounds
A man lost 360 lbs (credit: reddit.com/user/BigZ7337)

«So I know that around this time of year is when the majority of people that made New Year’s Resolutions to lose weight give up and go back to their normal routine. I figured that it would be a good time to do an update on my weight loss journey, as mine started in January of 2019 after a failed resolution to only eat one bowl of cereal a day.

Since then I’ve lost around 360 pounds through the help of intermittent fasting to achieve a caloric deficit while swimming every day in the summer months and walking almost every day in the winter months along with lifting weights 4-6 days a week.

As some points of clarity, the last post I made had my starting weight at 820 pounds, but when I made it into the 400’s as a reward I bought a new scale that also weighed in decimal places. Unfortunately the new scale weighed me 10 pounds heavier than my old one, but my brother who is around 100 pounds lighter than me tried both scales and it only weighed him 5 pounds more. So I went to my garage gym and loaded weight plates onto the scale and I needed 842.5 pounds to get my highest weight I saw on the scale (819). So I’m now considering 840 lbs as my starting weight.

Also, I don’t have any pictures in the mirror around my highest weight, but this before picture is the heaviest one I have, at around 760 pounds. Thanks for checking out my post, and I hope that anyone that’s here and having trouble losing weight or just becoming healthier realize that failure can lead to your biggest success as long as you don’t give up».

A man lost 360 pounds:

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