Woman lost 100 pound — now she is unrecognizable

A girl with the nickname «Harvey» on Reddit motivates with her story of weight loss on the way to perfect shape. She lost 100 pound. She admits that it was a long and difficult journey — it took her 2 years to lose weight. However, she finally feels confident in her own body. And she emphasizes that it was worth it!

Woman lost 100 pound
Woman lost 100 pound (reddit.com/user/theinfamousharvey)

Woman lost 100 pound: before and after photos

F/25/5’8” [253lbs > 163lbs = 90lbs] end of my pregnancy Dec 2020 to today!

«Just small consistent changes! Don’t be hard on yourself, the number one priority is making sure your little one is taken care of!»

«Really the only loose skin I have is in my belly, but I’m pretty sure it’s mostly from having my baby and not so much the weight loss. From what I read before starting my journey, keeping weight loss at or below 1-2lb per week, prioritizing building muscle, and staying hydrated help to combat loose skin as those combined allow your skin to adjust to your new size easier».

«I use my fitness pal to track my food but I used TDEEcalculator.net to find the calories I need to be in a deficit, it gave me a bit more flexibility to find what was accurate for my activity level. My biggest tip to be able to accurate with food tracking is eat similar things consistently, and use a food scale to weigh the things you make. I don’t meal plan personally but I make essentially the same things for breakfast and lunch every single day, with some slight variation.

It gives me more flexibility with dinner since I cook for my whole family and accommodate other people’s food preferences but also makes it really easy to track because I’ll just save meals in the app. And don’t try cutting out whole food groups because you’re likely to break that, like I have self control issues with carbs like bread and pasta, so when I do eat them I try to find ones that are high in fiber and make sure I eat a lot of veggies with them to make sure that I don’t overeat».

«My deficit is 500 calories, I didn’t start intentionally eating in a deficit and working out until 4 weeks postpartum, which is when the 200 days started, but my weight loss includes everything I’ve lost since having my baby. In the first month after childbirth I lost 40 pounds, much of which was my baby/placenta/etc, so really in the 200 days I’ve lost 43 pounds from actual diet and exercise».

«Breakfast: coffee, protein bar and or protein shake Lunch: some sort of wrap with high fiber tortillas Dinner: most flexible/high volume meal since I’m cooking for my toddler and husband too but I tried to keep it simple and make sure there was protein, veggies, and some sort of carb».