14 Real Life Disney Characters That You Would Be Surprised To See

Disney movies have been captivating audiences for generations with their colorful characters, heartwarming stories, and stunning animations. But have you ever noticed how some people bear an uncanny resemblance to Disney characters? Characters have a way of capturing our imagination and sticking with us long after the credits roll. Some people take their love for these iconic characters to the next level by not only dressing up like them but by also resembling them in an uncanny way.

Real Life Disney Characters

These real-life Disney doppelgängers are surprising and often leave us wondering if they stepped right out of an animated film. From a mermaid lookalike to a real-life Rapunzel, these individuals embody the magic and wonder of Disney, bringing a touch of whimsy and enchantment into our everyday lives. From real-life individuals to celebrities, there are many people who seem to have been plucked straight out of a Disney movie. Today, we have 14 people who look like Disney characters and you will be shocked to see their uncanny resemblance with Disney characters. Scroll down to have a look at them.

Some people resemble so much with our beloved Disney characters that it gets hard to believe our eyes.

1. Don’t you think Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones looks like Scar from Lion King?

It is hard for us to unsee it from now on.

2. That’s the Russell from Up:

Woah!! Now we know where they took the inspiration from.

3. Jean Sarkozy looks like Prince Adam from Beauty and the Beast:

Who else agrees?

4. The guy literally looks like Hiro from Big Hero 6:

5. The real-life Merida from Brave:

6. The real-life Linguini From Ratatouille:

7. Lisa Edelstein can play the role of Tangled’s mother, Gothel:

Whether it’s a celebrity or an everyday person, it’s fascinating to see how some people resemble beloved Disney characters. It’s a testament to the power of Disney’s storytelling and the lasting impact these characters have had on our culture. And who knows? Maybe there are even more people out there who resemble our favorite Disney characters, just waiting to be discovered.

8. Zootopia’s Flash and this girl:

9. Is that the real-life Andy from Toy Story?

10. The former queen of the Netherlands is a perfect fit for Merryweather from Sleeping Beauty:

11. This Ukrainian Judge gives the spitting image of The Little Mermaid’s Ursula:

12. Chris Hemsworth and John from Pocahontas:


13. The real-life Elsa from Frozen:

14. Grumpy old man looks like Carl from Up:

Were you surprised to see how these people resemble so much with the Disney characters? Do you know any other resemblances? If yes, share them with us in the comment section down below.

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